About us.

Our Story

Our journey begins back in 2012, following a trip to the USA by our Technical Director and Founder, Chris Bishop, during which he encountered a company applying a rubberised, removable coating to vehicles via a DIY fence sprayer. Whilst this system worked, on closer inspection the application and finish was, in our opinion, very amateur. Evidently, the product was not applied using professional equipment, nor was it applied in safe environmental conditions. Additionally, there was no topcoat application, meaning that the ‘protection’ could be reversed.

On return to the UK, Chris and his father, Trevor Bishop, Ngenco Managing Director, agreed the concept had great potential for the Body Shop / Dealer Group World … and Ngenco was born. The first few years were purely Research and Development.

Following years of hard work, a Semi-Professional Coating named Autoflex was released in the USA to test the market.

In 2019, we reached our goal of developing a Spray-on Paint Protection Film for professional use only with the release of Ngenco Clear Paint Protection Spray quickly followed by Ngenco Ultra-Fast in 2020.

We are now here today as the world’s leading formulator and manufacturer of removable coatings. It’s the quality commitments that differentiates us from our competitors and guarantees the quality and results of our products.

What does Ngenco mean?

You may be wondering how we decided on the name Ngenco.

Well, to flaunt our literary knowledge, it is a portmanteau word, also called a blended word, combining the words Next, Generation, and Coatings.

The historical roots of paint protection date back 200 years, before the first car was even manufactured. Since the birth of this phenomenon, there has been continuous development of the concept. It all began with simple waxes, and we have now arrived at the Next Generation of Coating, a professionally applied Paint Protection Spray (PPS).

Ngenco – The Future Of Paint Protection