Paint Protection Has Evolved

Ngenco is the world leading formulator and manufacturer of professional grade removable coatings. Our Crystal Clear and OEM Colour Change is the only Paint Protection Spray designed as an invisible, durable and safe method of protecting automotive paint work and carbon fibre. The unrivalled formula, with outstanding clarity, is available in high-gloss, satin or matte.



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Exterior paintwork protection

Sprayed not laid, Ngenco enables an invisible, durable and safe way to protect any part of a vehicle with the ability to revert back to the original finish with zero marks or residue.

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Front end protection

The front bonnet and grille are the areas most vulnerable to everyday road debris. Being an invisible, sacrificial coating with 250+ microns of protection, Ngenco protects the most important part of your car’s bodywork, the paintwork.

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Not Just For Paintwork

Wheel, side skirts and headlights also have to resist a surprising amount of damage over the course of time.

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OEM Colour Change

Ngenco is the worlds first spray-on paint protection system designed and developed for professional temporary colour changes, available in thousands of OEM colours.

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Motorcycle Protection

Ngenco is not only suitable for cars, it can be used to protect whatever the road throws at your motorcycle. As well as the option of OEM colour change protection.

Ngenco Network

This is the official website of Ngenco Middle East. We are proud to be part of the worldwide Ngenco network.

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